Where are Holidays Sets used ?

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Where are Holidays Sets used ?

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Holidays Sets are usually combined into Holidays Lists and used in the following contexts :


Holidays Tokens which can be used in GridTemplates to display any of the 4 types of special dates.


a-e-i-o-u Holidays : is a ScriptLine Property which allows you to select which Holidays Sets will be used in a Script. Another ScriptLine Property, Holidays (override), allows you to override this selection of Holidays Sets, for each DiaryGridLine.


Holidays (display) and Holidays (multiple) are ScriptLine Properties which give you control on the way the holidays tokens are displayed.


The ScriptLine Properties Macros, MiniCals, Moon Options, Slogan Rules, and Variable Dates also refer to Holidays Sets, either directly or through the possible use of tokens in one of their options.


As mentioned, most of the time you will refer to Holidays Lists, made up of Holidays Sets.

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