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Argentina Bill would Create 4 Monday Public Holidays

Source: Puntal (Cordoba)
Posted: Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Argentina Legislator, Griselda Baldata (Coalición Cívica), has introduced a bill that would stop the practice of moving historical public holidays to the nearest Monday, and declare four, 2nd Monday of the month, tourism public holidays.

The present bill is a variant of a bill introduced last year (2008-06-26).

The 4 new feriados turísticos would be the second Monday of the months of May, June, September, and October.

Though the bill would mandate the observance of all future Argentine public holidays on their historical date, in practice, most of Argentina's public holidays are already tied to a specific date, or were made so in recent years, such as Malvinas Day (2006-06-07).

In practice, the change would therefore apply to the following public holidays: Día de la Bandera (3rd Monday of June), Día de la Inmortalidad de San Martín (3rd Monday of August), and Día de la Raza which was originally based on October 12, but with a set of frequently-modified rules (2008-10-01, 2002-09-30, and 2001-07-18).

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