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Bhutan Minister Calls For Nyenpa Guzon Public Holiday
(Posted on Wednesday, July 29, 2009)

Source: Bhutan Ministry of Health (Thimphu)

Bhutan's Minister of Health, Lyonpo Zangley Dukpa, has called for a return to an annual public holiday on the Buddhist festival of Nyenpa Guzon.

The Nyenpa Guzon holiday (aka. Ngyenpa Guzom, or Meeting of the Nine Evils), was a public holiday in Bhutan for many years, but it was removed from the official list of public holidays two years ago (03-Jan-2007).

Earlier this year (19-Jan-2009), it was announced that the other public holiday canceled at the same time, the Thrue Bab (or Blessed Rainy Day), would be restored, effective this year.

However, the official government website page of public holidays has not, as of yet, been updated to reflect such a restoration of the Blessed Rainy Day public holiday. This, however, is not proof that the public holiday will not be restored, as the recent announcement of a change to the Coronation Anniversary public holiday (20-Jul-2009) has also not been posted on the government website.

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