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Bolivia Declares June 21 Public Holiday
(Posted on Thursday, June 18, 2009)

Source: TeleSUR (La Paz)

Bolivia's Minister of Culture, Pablo Groux, announced that the cabinet of the Government of Bolivia had passed Decreto Supremo Nº 173 declaring that the Indigenous New Year, on June 21, would henceforth be an annual public holiday in Bolivia.

The decree specifies that the date of this new public holiday will be immovable, even when June 21 occurs on a Saturday or Sunday (as is the case this year, for the new year 5517).

This announcement had been expected (17-Jun-2009) and it is likely that in compensation, the Corpus Christi public holiday will be canceled beginning in 2010 (09-Jun-2009 and 06-Jun-2007).

A bill to create a new annual public holiday, on June 21, to mark the Indigenous People's New Year, was introduced 2 years ago in the Bolivian legislative assembly (04-Jun-2007).

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