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Dominican Republic To Reconsider Moving Mid-Week Public Holidays

Source: Periódico 7 Días (Santo Domingo)
Posted: Sunday, November 22, 2009
Updated: Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Senate of the Dominican Republic is to consider a new bill, introduced by Senator Euclides Sánchez, that would put an end to the practice of moving some mid-week public holidays to adjoin the nearest weekend.

This practice dates from the 1997 law, named "Ley No. 139-97 mediante la cual los días feriados del calendario que coincidan con los días martes y miércoles, jueves o viernes serán trasladados de fecha" (1997-06-19).

As is often the case in Latin America, where this practice is common and referred to as the Emiliani Law (2005-10-02), the practice of moving mid-week public holidays is regularly and fiercely attacked (2008-05-24) by many who think that moving religious holidays is blaspheme, while the move of historical national holidays is unpatriotic.

One such attack, via the courts, recently resulted in the Dominican Republic's Supreme Court declaring as unconstitutional, the move of the August 16 Restoration Day public holiday to the following Monday, whenever it falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (2008-02-21).

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