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Philippines Could Move Rizal Day Public Holiday To June

Source: Newsbreak (Manila)
Posted on Friday, January 2, 2009

Consolidated House Bill 5408, was passed on third reading by the Philippines House of Representatives on December 10, 2008, and would move the observance of the Rizal Day public holiday from December 30 (the date of Rizal's execution) to June 19 (Rizal's birthday).

Having been approved by the lower house, the bill now needs Senate approval, and then President Arroyo's signing. for it to take effect in 2009.

Moving the celebration date of the Rizal Day public holiday would be reminiscent of the change to the commemoration of Independence Day from July 4 (recognition of the Philippines independence by the USA) to June 12 (Philippines' independence from Spain).

Note, however, that contrary to Independence Day, whose public holiday moves according to the weekday on which it falls (2007-07-25) it seems more than likely that the Senate will amend the bill to make the moved Rizal Day public holiday always occur on June 19, regardless of the weekday on which that date occurs.

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