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South Korea Announces Kim Dae-jung Funeral Details

Source: Joong Ang Daily (Seoul)
Posted: Friday, August 21, 2009

The government of South Korea has finally announced that a state funeral would be held Sunday, August 22, 2009, for the late former President Kim Dae-Jung.

As mentioned, earlier this week (2009-08-18), a state funeral means nine days of mourning and the declaration of a public holiday on the date of the funeral.

But, at the request of the family of former President Kim Dae-Jung, the period was reduced to 6 days so that the funeral would be held on a non-working day, as the family "did not want to see a weekday designated as a holiday in these tough economic times".

The South Korean government further clarified that no separate public holiday would be declared to commemorate the Sunday funeral.

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