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Taiwan's MOI Approves Children's Day Public Holiday

Source: Taiwan Today (Taipei)
Posted: Thursday, November 5, 2009
Updated: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taiwan's Ministry of the Interior has approved a proposal to declare a "new", April 4, annual public holiday for Children's Day.

The proposal, still to be ratified by the Legislative Yuan, would, despite the new public holiday's name, mean a non-working public holiday for all private businesses and all government offices.

Note that this would not really be a new public holiday, as a Children's Day public holiday was approved as an official public holiday by the Legislative Yuan in May of 1990. It was then combined with the Women's Day public holiday in 1993, and was then canceled in 2000 as part of the public holidays readjustments (2000-09-18) that followed the implementation of 2-day weekends in Taiwan (2000-06-20).

Finally, in yesterday's review meeting held by the MOI with related central and local government officials and business representatives, the recent proposal (2009-11-02) to designate a Grandparents' Day commemorative holiday was rejected. While participants agreed to the importance of Grandparents' Day in promoting family ethics, and noted that the proposal had this commemorative date always fall on a weekend, they had reservations about legislating the proposal since Fathers' Day and Mothers' Day are not legal holidays.

At that same review meeting, the MOI clarified its policy related to days in lieu (for public holidays falling on a weekend) and bridge holidays (for fixed-date public holidays falling mid-week).

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