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Honduras Bill Would Create June 28 Public Holiday

Source: La Tribuna (Tegucigalpa)
Posted: Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Secretary of the National Congress of Honduras, Eliseo Noel Mejía Castillo, has presented a decree to the Legislative Assembly which would make June 28 a new annual public holiday.

This new public holiday, to be officially named "Día de la Protección de la Democracia, de la defensa de la libertad y de la paz" (day of the protection of democracy, defense of freedom and of peace), would commemorate the date, when in 2009, the Honduran Legislative Assembly impeached President Manuel Zelaya Rosales, for attempting to violate constitution rules on term limitations.

The date of the election that followed President Zelaya's removal from office was declared a one-off public holiday (2009-11-27), and another one-off public holiday was declared on the day of the passation of powers to the newly elected President (2010-01-24).

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