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Honduras To Consider Public Holidays Review

Source: El Tiempo (Tegucigalpa)
Posted on Saturday, April 24, 2010

Honduras' legislative assembly (Cámara Legislativa) is considering a bill that would move many of Honduras' official public holidays to always occur on a Monday, starting on July 1st, 2010.

Some of the highlights of the bill proposed by deputy José Azcona Bocock:

• Moving the birthday of General Francisco Morazán from October 3 to the first Monday in October.
• Moving the, October 12, Americas' Day public holiday to the second Monday in October.
• Moving the, October 21, Armed Forces' Day public holiday to the fourth Monday in October.
• In addition, the bill would move the April 14, fundación de la Unión Panamericana, public holiday to always occur on Holy Wednesday.

These 4 aforementioned public holidays share a troubled history.

All 4 were canceled from 1999 (1998-12-21) and restored in 2002 (2001-12-05).

The year after (2003-04-09), Honduras' President, Ricardo Maduro, signed into law Decreto 50-2003 which moves fixed date public holidays that fall mid-week to the following Monday (with some exceptions in the list of public holidays, and for 2003).

Two years later (2005-02-24), President Maduro, issued a decree moving, for 2005, the observance of the April 14, October 12 and October 21 public holidays to the first 3 days of the Semana Santa (the week before Easter).

Since then, these 4 public holidays have been the subject of yearly tergiversations (2009-10-13, 2009-04-14, 2008-10-25, 2008-09-16, 2007-10-03, and 2006-04-01, and many more), with the concept of public servants recuperating the holy week public holidays being dropped in favor of a quasi-automatic declaration of holy week as a public sector holiday (2010-03-10, 2009-04-03, 2008-03-15 and 2007-03-28).

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