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Norfolk Island 2011 Public Holidays Gazetted

Source: Norfolk Island Government Gazette (Kingston)
Posted: Saturday, July 24, 2010
Most recent follow-up news item: February 4, 2019

The Minister for Community Services for the Australian territory of Norfolk Island, Timothy John Sheridan, has announced the list of 2011 official public holidays in Norfolk Island.

The Norfolk Island 2011 public holidays list, published in the Norfolk Island Government Gazette No. 32 in accordance with section 9 of the Employment Act 1988, includes the date of the Norfolk Island Agricultural Show Day public holiday as well as the date of the Queen's Birthday public holiday, as was done last year (2009-09-04), though in other years these Norfolk Island public holidays' dates were listed separately (2008-09-05).

Interestingly, as was the case last year, the list does not list a day in lieu public holiday for ANZAC Day, though it lists a day in lieu public holiday for Boxing Day, on December 27.

Last year's CAF Agreement (2009-01-15), set out to harmonize the treatment of the ANZAC Day public holiday, across all Australian states and territories, when ANZAC Day falls on a Sunday, or another public holiday. As such, it mandates a day in lieu public holiday when ANZAC Day when falls on a weekend or another public holiday (namely Easter Monday).

So far, Western Australia (2010-07-01), the Australian Capital Territory (2010-07-14), and Southern Australia (2010-07-08) have also declared April 26, 2011, as a public holiday, and all other Australian states are expected to follow suit, even Tasmania, which did not follow the CAF guidelines in 2010 (2009-04-18), but which will, de facto, in 2011 as Easter Tuesday is a State public holiday in Tasmania.

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