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Madagascar Minister Calls For 2 New Public Holidays

Source: Midi Madagasikara (Antananarivo)
Posted on Saturday, August 13, 2011

The President of Madagascar's Commission de la Sécurité et Défense Nationale, Alain Ramaroson, has called for the addition of 2 new annual public holidays to the current list of official non-working public holidays in Madagascar.

In his statement, President Ramaroson called for the addition of an annual non-working public holiday on February 7 and the addition of another annual non-working public holiday on August 10 ("le 10 août et le 7 février doivent être des jours chômés").

It is unlikely that any new annual public holidays would be added to the list of Madagascar public holidays, as the current list of public holidays in Madagascar for the calendar year 2011 (2011-01-15 and 2011-06-01) already includes a new annual public holiday on December 11 (2010-12-10), corresponding to the date of the adoption of the recently-approved Constitution (2010-11-16).

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