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North Korean January 8 Public Holiday Update 2

Source: The Daily NK (North Pyongan Province)
Posted: Monday, December 19, 2011

Following the death of North Korea's ruler, Kim Jong-Il, it appears that the issue of a new annual public holiday on January 8, commemorating the birthday of the new North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un, will once again come to the fore.

A couple of years ago (2010-01-06), an obscure story about January 8 becoming a new public holiday in North Korea was reproduced in hundreds of online sources, with no subsequent verification or follow-up.

However, the following day (2010-01-07), North Korea's Central Committee of the Party confirmed that while North Korea would observe Kim Jong Eun's birthday on Friday, January 8th, 2010, this would be only in the form of events restricted to officials, and not as an official public holiday.

This was later borne-out when a calendar recently released by the North Korean government (2010-12-16), did not include January 8, the birthday of Kim Jong-Il's third son and heir apparent, Kim Jong-Un, as an official public holiday in the DPRK for the calendar year 2011.

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