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US Virgin Islands Considers Dropping 3 More Public Holidays

Source: St. John Source (St. John)
Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Governor of the US Virgin Islands, John deJongh Jr., has submitted legislation to the USVI Senate which would remove 3 more public holidays from the list of official US Virgin Islands public holidays.

The aforementioned public holidays are: Transfer Day, Holy Thursday and December 26. In addition, the proposal would remove Sundays from the list of public holidays in the territory of the US Virgin Islands.

A decade ago (1999-12-21), then Governor Charles W. Turnbull signed into law an Omnibus Act which removed 3 annual paid non-working public holidays from the US Virgin Islands' official list of public holidays; Organic Act Day, Hurricane Supplication Day and Hurricane Thanksgiving Day.

However, at that time, Governor Turnbull had balked at the removal of Transfer Day from the list of official US Virgin Islands public holidays and had used his line-item veto to save the Transfer Day public holiday from the ax.

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