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Dominican Republic Public Holiday September 24
(Posted on Friday, September 21, 2012)

Source: Ministerio de Trabajo República Dominicana (Santo Domingo)

The Ministry of Labour of the Dominican Republic has issued a communiqué announcing that, as per the current public holidays legislation, the upcoming Día de Las Mercedes public holiday would not be transferred and would be observed as a non-working public holiday on Monday, September 24, 2012.

The aforementioned announcement ("El Ministerio de Trabajo reiteró a toda la colectividad empresarial y trabajadora del país, que el día de Las Mercedes no se transfiere, por lo que este lunes 24 de septiembre es feriado") is in line with last fall's official listing of public holidays in the Dominican Republic for the year 2012 (01-Nov-2011), and with the mid-nineties (19-Jun-1997) "Ley No. 139-97 mediante la cual los días feriados del calendario que coincidan con los días martes y miércoles, jueves o viernes serán trasladados de fecha" which moves some of the fixed-date mid-week public holidays to the nearest Monday, though it excludes the following public holidays from its scope: January 1st, January 21, February 27, August 16 (on any inauguration year), September 24, and December 25.

In addition, a few years ago (21-Feb-2008), the Dominican Republic's Supreme Court declared as unconstitutional, articles 1-2-4 of law 139-97 (19-Jun-1997), which move the August 16 Restoration Day public holiday to the following Monday, whenever it falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. The change in calculation rule took place immediately, but as August 16 fell on a Saturday/Sunday/Monday in 2008/2009/2010, the ruling began to have a concrete effect, for the first time last year (14-Aug-2011).

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