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Madagascar 2013 Electoral Public Holidays

Source: Filankevitry ny Governemanta (Mahazoarivo)
Posted: Thursday, August 2, 2012
Most recent follow-up news item: January 6, 2022

Madagascar's President of the Independent National Electoral Commission for the transition (Cénit), Beatrice Atallah, has finally released the long-awaited electoral calendar for the 2013 presidential and local elections, which are usually declared as one-off non-working public holidays in Madagascar.

After some misfires (2012-06-08), the list of elections in the calendar year 2013 in Madagascar, as promised last month (2012-07-19), is as follows: May 8 (first round of the presidential election), July 3 (second round of the presidential election, if needed), and October 23 (local elections).

We expect the date of these elections to be declared a one-off public holidays as every year's Décret fixant la liste des jours fériés au titre de l'année... (2012-01-18, 2011-01-15, and 2010-01-20) have always clearly stipulated that the dates of elections shall also be public holidays ("sont déclarées également fériées, chômées et payées les journées auxquelles se tiendront des élections"), as was the case for the last postponed elections (2011-01-10 and 2010-12-20), as well as the date of the recent referendum on the new constitution (2010-11-18) and the date of the promulgation of the new constitution (2010-12-10).

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