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Madagascar Public Holiday November 2

Source: Filankevitry ny Governemanta (Mahazoarivo)
Posted: Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Most recent follow-up news item: December 5, 2014

Madagascar's Conseil de Gouvernement has issued a decree ("Décret n° 2012-960 du 30 octobre 2012 déclarant chômée et payée la journée du 2 novembre 2012"), amending the previously-declared list of 2012 Madagascar public holidays by declaring Friday, November 2, 2012, as another paid one-off bridge public holiday throughout Madagascar to link the upcoming November 1st public holiday with the following weekend.

Recall that the "Décret n°2012-046 du 17 janvier fixant la liste des jours fériés, chômés et payés au titre de l'année 2012", released at the beginning of this year (2012-01-18), and which officially declared the list of public holidays in Madagascar for the calendar year 2012, did not include, or even refer to, any one-off bridge public holiday, contrary to what was done in preceding years (2009-01-13, 2008-01-16 and 2007-01-09) and which was eventually later done for the May 1st public holiday (2012-04-27) and the Independence Day (Fetin'ny Fahaleovantena) Madagascar public holiday (2012-06-13).

Interestingly, the aforementioned decree ("Décret n° 2012-960 du 30 octobre 2012 déclarant chômée et payée la journée du 2 novembre 2012") is deemed to take effect immediately upon being announced on the radio or television rather than waiting to be gazetted, as is usually the case ("le présent décret entre immédiatement en vigueur, dès sa publication radiodiffusée et/ou télévisée ou par affichage, indépendamment de son insertion au Journal officiel de la République").

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