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Spain 2012 National Public Holidays Update

Source: ABC (Madrid)
Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2012
Most recent follow-up news item: October 22, 2021

The government of Spain has reached an agreement with the Employers' Union (CEOE) and Labour Unions as to the 3 mid-week 2012 non-working public holiday would be moved to a nearby Monday, thus amending the previously released list of official national public holidays in Spain for 2012.

As per the aforementioned agreement the 3 Spanish public holidays which will be moved to a nearby Monday in 2012 are: August 15 (Asunción), el November 1st (Todos los Santos) and December 6 (Día de la Constitución). Note that, no decision has been made yet as to which Monday these public holidays will be moved to (although there seems to be a consensus among commentators to think that the August 15, 2012, public holiday will move to Monday, August 13.

The selection of only these 3 public holidays, despite the fact that other Spanish public holidays fall mid-week in 2012, was due to the confines of Article 37 of Spain Statute of the Employee (Estatuto del Trabajador) which specifically refers to 4 Spanish public holidays as inexpungeable ("en cualquier caso, se respetarán como fiestas de ámbito nacional las de la Natividad del Señor, Año Nuevo, Primero de Mayo, como Fiesta del Trabajo, y 12 de octubre, como Fiesta Nacional de España").

The move to get rid of bridge and aqueduc holidays was initiated in Catalonia last fall (2011-10-08) and is similar to a more radical move by the government of Portugal (2011-12-01).

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