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Cayman Islands Electoral Public Holidays Ruled-Out

Source: Cayman Islands Government Information and Services (Grand Cayman)
Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Cayman Islands' Elections Office has announced that, despite current legislation mandating a public holiday on the date of elections and referenda, the dates of the upcoming mobile polling will not be non-working public holidays in the Cayman Islands.

Following the Public Holidays Law (2007 Revision) and the Elections Law (2004 Revision) (2005-07-12), the day of referenda and elections are non-working public holidays in the Cayman Islands.

But since the passage of these bills, the Cayman Islands has done all it could to minimize their impact. In particular, to avoid the declaration of too many public holidays, the dates of past referenda have in the past been set on the date of general elections (2012-02-27 and 2008-12-01).

As such, the list of 2013 non-working public holidays in the Cayman Islands, as announced (2012-07-11) and later amended (2013-01-04) by the Corporate Manager in the Deputy Governor's Office of the Cayman Islands, remains unchanged.

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