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South Australia March Public Holiday Maintained Until 2015

Source: The Australian (Adelaide)
Posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Most recent follow-up news item: January 4, 2021

The Industrial Relations Minister of the Australian State of South Australia, John Rau, has announced that, despite lobbying by the South Australian Jockey Club, the second Monday of March non-working public holiday (often referred to as Adelaide Cup Day) will remain in March until 2015, at least.

In 2006, the Adelaide Cup Day public holiday was shifted from its traditional May venue to the second Monday in March (2005-07-13), following the Adelaide Cup having been rained out for the second year in a row (2004-05-21).

This change was made formal the following year (2006-08-31), as per the "Holidays (Adelaide Cup) Proclamation 2006" (published in the Gazette on 31 August 2006 at page 3062), by which Monday, March 12, 2007, was declared to be a public holiday and bank holiday instead of Monday, May 21, 2007, a change which was to be reviewed annually, but which was not seriously challenged (2010-07-15, 2011-01-24, and 2011-03-14) until recently.

Since then, though, a public holidays review commissioned by South Australian Premier, Jay Weatherill, came back with recommendations that South Australian public holidays be changed to reduce the crowding of events in March (2012-09-13 and 2012-07-23). These recommended changes to the current Holidays Act 1910 (SA) would see the move of South Australia's Queen's Birthday public holiday from June to May, so that the annual Adelaide Cup could be run on a public holiday. The current Adelaide Cup public holiday in march would then be renamed as the Adelaide Festivals Day public holiday and remain in March.

The public feedback to these proposals ("feedback received from the public broadly supported the current arrangements"), however, was such that the South Australian government decided, in today's aforementioned announcement, to ignore the recommendation of the commission it had set-up.

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