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UAE Mulling Public Holidays Reform

Source: Emirates News Agency (WAM)
Posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The UAE's Minister of Presidential Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, has announced that the private sector weekend days-off and non-working public holidays may soon be brought in line with those of government employees.

Although the UAE's public sector benefits from a 2-day Friday-Saturday weekend (2006-08-15), the private sector only gets one day off, officially.

In addition most public holidays run for one or more days longer for the public sector than those of the UAE private sector. To cite a recent example, the private sector got 2 days of public holidays for the recent UAE National Day (2012-11-22), while the private sector only had one day of public holiday (2012-11-27).

Three years ago (2010-02-22 and 2010-01-12), and after much debate and delay tactics (2009-12-25, 2009-02-18, and 2009-02-03), neighboring Kuwait finally gazetted a Labour Law also purporting to give the private sector of Kuwait as many public holidays as the public sector. However, the catch is that the new law only applies to annually recurring public holidays, meaning that the Kuwaiti public sector continues to benefit from the frequently-declared, one-off, public holidays that are usually reserved for the public sector (2009-09-10 and 2009-02-10).

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