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Bermuda Public Holidays Amendment Update

Source: Bermuda Department of Communication and Information (Hamilton)
Posted: Friday, December 12, 2014
Most recent follow-up news item: March 13, 2020

The Bermuda "Public Holidays Amendment Act 2014", introduced last summer by Bermuda's Shadow Minister of Economic Development, Michael Weeks, has garnered support from the Government's Minister of Community, Culture and Sport, Wayne Scott, during its current second reading.

The aforementioned "Public Holidays Amendment Act 2014", which got its first reading last summer (2014-06-30), would move the Bermuda Day annual non-working public holiday in Bermuda from its current set date of May 24 to "the Friday before the last Monday in May", to coincide with the US Memorial Day public holiday.

While the Heroes' Day and Queen's Birthday public holidays were often moved around over the years (2007-09-19, 2008-03-16, 2009-05-09, and 2009-05-24), the Bermuda Labour Day public holiday has remain fixed in September for decades, mainly due to its coincidence with the US Labour Day public holiday, which sees a massive tourist from the US to Bermuda every year (2012-04-20 and 2012-01-22).

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