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Paraguayan May 2014 Public Holidays

Source: Presidencia de la República del Paraguay (Asunción)
Posted: Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Most recent follow-up news item: May 3, 2022

The Paraguayan head of presidential decrees, Edgar Rodas, has released a communique confirming the dates of the Paraguayan public holidays in May 2014, in particular those whose observance will change again in 2014.

As per Edgar Rodas, the May 14-15 annual public holidays (2012-04-12) are immovable ("son inamovibles, por una cuestión legislativa") but the Día de la Paz del Chaco public holiday will be moved to June 16 in 2014 ("la única festiva que será trasladada durante el corriente año será el 12 de Junio próximo").

The aforementioned announcement is in line with the major changes to Paraguay public holidays of 2 years ago (2012-08-03), and re-confirmed last year (2013-01-03), when Paraguay's president, Federico Franco, issued an executive decree agreeing to the proposal by Paraguay's Senatur, to avail himself of the powers given to the presidency a decade ago, and move some of the 2013 mid-week public holidays to a nearby Monday.

The Decreto presidencial N° 9393 finally implemented the Ley 1723 del 29 de junio de 2001 (Que Autoriza Al Poder Ejecutivo A Trasladar Los Feriados Nacionales Al Dia Lunes) which gives the president of Paraguay the authority to move any, or all, mid-week public holidays to a nearby Monday (except New Year, Independence Day, día de La Virgen de Caacupé, and Maundy Thursday and Good Friday).

Despite its passage over a decade ago (2001-06-29), and regular calls for the executive to avail itself of its prerogative (2010-09-23 and 2008-07-26), the provisions of law 1723/01 have rarely been used. However, 2 years ago (2012-07-24), a renewed call to action by Paraguay's Secretaría Nacional de Turismo (Senatur), Liz Crámer, seems to have finally prodded the executive into action.

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