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Anguilla Public Holiday April 24

Source: Government of Anguilla (The Valley)
Posted on Thursday, April 23, 2015

Following this afternoon's formal swearing-in the new Government of Anguilla, the newly formed Anguillan Government Executive Council approved a draft regulation which enabled the Governor of Anguilla to prescribe tomorrow, Friday, April 24, 2015, as a one-off public holiday in Anguilla, under section 4(a) of the Anguilla Public Holidays Act.

Anguilla had similarly declared a one-off post-election public holiday on the day following both previous elections (2010-02-16 and 2005-02-22), and such post-election public holidays are a common occurrence in many Caribbean countries (2015-02-17, 2014-11-06, 2014-06-12, 2013-02-20, 2010-01-26, 2010-01-10, 2009-12-30, 2009-12-19, 2009-09-08, 2009-03-13, 2005-05-05, 2005-02-22, 2003-05-21, 2003-10-21, 2003-11-27, 2007-01-02, 2001-12-03 and 1997-05-23).

The aforementioned announcement that Friday, April 24, 2015, had been declared as a one-off public holiday in Anguilla, is in addition to the annual list of official non-working public holidays in Anguilla for the calendar year 2015, as released by the Government of Anguilla, earlier this year (2015-01-20).

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