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Nepal Adds New Public Holiday For Falgunanda

Source: Nepalese Ministry of Home Affairs (Kathmandu)
Posted: Friday, November 20, 2015

Following yesterday's Cabinet meeting, the government of Nepal announced that November 11 would henceforth be an annual non-working public holiday in Nepal to mark birth anniversary of Kirat religious leader Falgunanda Lingden.

The aforementioned announcement does not affect the gazetted list of official non-working public holidays in Nepal for the Nepalese year 2072 (mid-April 2015 to mid-April 2016), announced, earlier this spring (2015-03-03), as it will first take effect in November of next year.

The aforementioned announcement also directed Nepal's Ministry for Home Affairs to form a task force to review the number and list of annual non-working public holidays in Nepal, which, ever since the last purge, over a decade ago (2001-01-13), has been growing year-by-year.

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