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Sint Maarten Adds Constitution Day Public Holiday

Source: Government of Sint Maarten (Great Bay)
Posted: Friday, October 9, 2015

The Government of Sint Maarten has announced that, the long-discussed, October 10, new annual non-working public holiday in Sint Maarten would come into effect as of this year (this month, to be more precise) and that "Constitution Day will be celebrated as a Public Holiday on October 12th 2015".

Following Curaçao gaining autonomous country status (2011-09-25), the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten, Sarah Wescot-Williams, had announced (2011-09-30) that there were no plans for Sint Maarten to declare October 10 as a non-working public holiday, despite the fact that formerly tied Curaçao had recently declared Monday, October 10, 2011, as an official non-working public holiday to commemorate the first anniversary of the date when Curaçao gained autonomous country status (2011-09-25).

Later calls (2011-10-17) by the leader of the National Alliance (NA) group in Sint Maarten's Parliament, William Marlin for October 10 to also be declared an annual non-working public holiday in Sint Maarten, bore no fruits. Instead, this past summer (2012-06-06), the Parliament of Sint Maarten unanimously approved legislation to declare July 1st a new annual non-working public holiday in Sint Maarten, to commemorate Emancipation Day, and Sint Maarten's Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Affairs, Silveria Jacobs, later re-confirmed that the upcoming, October 10, Constitution Day would not be a non-working public holiday in Sint Maarten (2012-10-04).

Last night's aforementioned announcement by the Government of Sint Maarten that Constitution Day would be celebrated as a non-working public holiday in Sint Maarten on October 12th 2015, was completed by the announcement that, effective immediately, "Kingdom Day December 15th 2015 will no longer be a Public Holiday", thus doubly amending the official annual list of non-working public holidays in Sint Maarten for the upcoming calendar year 2015, as released by the Sint Maarten Labour Department, late last year (2014-10-24).

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