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Ecuador Legislature Approves Public Holidays Changes
(Posted on Tuesday, December 13, 2016)

Source: Agencia de Noticias del Ecuador y Sudamérica (ANDES)

The legislative changes to Ecuador's public holidays legislation, sent by Ecuador's President, Rafael Correa, a couple of months ago, has been approved by a vote of 84 for, 2 against, and 25 abstentions.

The aforementioned legislation was first mentioned by Ecuador's President, Rafael Correa, a couple of months ago (16-Oct-2016), during his weekly address to the nation (Enlace Ciudadano 496), when he mentioned that he had sent a bill to the Ecuadorean Asamblea Nacional to declare as a day in lieu non-working public holiday in Ecuador, the Friday before, or the Monday after, an annual non-working public holiday of Ecuador which falls on the weekend.

The legislation ("para que todos los años se tenga el mismo número de días de feriado y se puedan planificar las actividades") would thus amend the 2003 "Ley Orgánica de Servicio Civil y Carrera Administrativa y de Unificación y Homologación de las Remuneraciones del Sector Público" (04-Dec-2003), by virtue of which most Ecuadorean public holidays' day off are moved to the nearest weekend, and would also apply to regional public holidays in Ecuador ("Si es un feriado local, se hace lo mismo, se cambia a lunes, se hace un puente").

The provisions of the aforementioned 2003 Ecuadorean public holidays legislation have since been adjusted every 5 years (29-Dec-2015, 04-May-2012, and 20-Jun-2007) by an announcement of the one-off public holidays in Ecuador, and moveable public holidays in Ecuador, as well as the days to compensate the Carnival Monday and Tuesday non-working public holidays, for the following 5 years.

The legislation now comes back to President Correa for his signature, which we assume will only be a formality, as this bill was crafted by his services.

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