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Kyrgyzstan Public Holidays March 7 and May 6

Source: Kabar Kyrgyz National News Agency (Bishkek)
Posted on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Ministry of Labour and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic has announced that Prime Minister, Temir Sariyev, had signed a decree declaring Monday, March 7, and Friday, May 6, 2016, as additional one-off non-working public holidays in Kyrgyzstan.

The aforementioned announcement was made in accordance with Article 113 of the Labor Code, and is in line with the approved calendar of 2016 public holidays of the Kyrgyz Republic as announced late last year (2015-12-09).

The non-working public holidays in Kyrgyzstan on Monday, March 7, and Friday, May 6, 2016, will be compensated by Saturday, March 5, 2016, and Monday, May 2, 2016, having been declared a regular working day in Kyrgyzstan, in the long traditions whereby the declaration of one-off bridge non-working public holidays in Kyrgyzstan are compensated by declaring a weekend day as a regular working day (2014-12-26, 2013-04-28, 2011-12-31, 2010-11-11, 2010-08-25, 2010-02-15, 2009-12-11, 2008-12-19 and 2007-12-27).

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