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Romanian 2017 Public Holidays Announced

Source: Mediafax (Bucharest)
Posted on Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Government of Romania has released its annual official list of 2017 non-working public holidays in Romania (zile libere si sarbatorile oficiale).

As usual (2015-11-29, 2014-02-23, 2013-02-25, and 2012-11-13), most of the 2017 official non-working public holidays in Romania listed in the aforementioned announcement is based on the current Romanian Labour Code, as modified during this year to include a new annual non-working public holiday in Romania on January 24, to commemorate the reunification of Wallachia and Moldavia (2016-10-07 and 2016-09-06), and on June 1st, to mark International Children's Day (2016-11-17, 2016-10-18, 2016-09-15, 2016-06-13 and 2016-04-08).

The aforementioned announcement also confirms the addition, almost 10 years ago, of 3 new annual public holidays; Pentecost Sunday and Monday (2008-03-18), and the Dormition of the Holy Mary (2008-10-09) as well as the new November 30 Saint Andrew non-working public holiday which was added and later gazetted as "Legii nr. 147 din 23.07.2012" a few years later (2012-06-27 and 2012-05-22).

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