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Madagascar 2017 Public Holidays Expected Next Week

Source: Filankevitry ny Governemanta (Mahazoarivo)
Posted: Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Most recent follow-up news item: December 13, 2017

Madagascar's General Manager at the "ministère de la Fonction publique et de la réforme administrative, du travail et des lois sociales", Hermann Tandra, has announced that the decree listing the official non-working 2017 public holidays in Madagascar, will be released next week.

Usually (2016-01-05, 2015-02-05, 2014-02-13, 2013-01-30, 2012-01-18, 2011-01-15, 2010-01-20, 2009-01-13 and 2008-01-16), the aforementioned list of 2017 Madagascar public holidays, will be based on a decree recommendation by Madagascar's Ministère de la Fonction publique, du Travail et des Lois sociales, approved in Cabinet in early January and gazetted at the end of January (2016-01-27).

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