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Nepalese 2017-2018 Public Holidays Gazetted

Source: Nepalese Ministry of Home Affairs (Kathmandu)
Posted on Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) of the government of Nepal has gazetted its annual list of official non-working public holidays in Nepal for the Nepalese year B.S. 2074 (April 2017-April 2018), a list which contains 44 public holidays, in addition to Saturdays.

As per custom, the aforementioned publication of the annual list of non-working public holidays in Nepal for B.S. 2074 (April 2017-April 2018), follows closely the list of annual non-working public holidays in Nepal, as announced in previous years (2016-04-02, 2015-03-03, 2014-03-02, 2013-04-24, 2012-03-29 and 2012-01-30), though some changes are noteworthy, such as the reversal of last year's replacement of the Loktantra Diwas (Democracy Day) Nepalese public holiday, added a decade ago (2007-04-16), by an annual observance of a Constitution Day Nepalese public holiday (2015-09-16).

In addition, the annual Nepalese public holiday for Christmas, added almost a decade ago (2008-03-07 and 2007-12-28), has again been retrograded to a public holiday limited to public servants of the Christian faith, although a last minute reversal of that reversal is always possible as was the case last year (2016-12-24).

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