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Saskatchewan Mulls Further Extension To June 21 Public Holiday

Source: The Government of Yukon (Whitehorse)
Posted: Monday, October 30, 2017

The legislature of the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan has passed in its second reading a bill by Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River MP, Georgina Jolibois, which would declare June 21, National Indigenous Peoples Day, as a new annual non-working public holidays in Canada's Province of Saskatchewan.

Canada's Northwest Territories, which has observed National Aboriginal Day as a statutory non-working public holiday, for over 15 years (2001-11-07), was recently joined by Canada's Yukon Territory, when its Community Services Minister, John Streicker, announced (2017-05-09) that the territorial government had made good on its promise (2015-12-11) to add a new annual non-working public holiday, National Aboriginal Day on November 21, to "recognize the contributions of Yukon's indigenous peoples".

The idea of a new annual public holiday to honour native/first/original people is also gaining traction in Australia, where the legislature of Australia's ACT has recently voted to replace the ACT's September Family and Community Day annual public holiday (2009-10-16), with a new Reconciliation Day annual public holiday in May (2017-09-23, 2017-09-13, 2017-08-17), while other Australian States also considering similar measures (2017-01-27, 2017-08-06).

While the bill being considered by the Saskatchewan legislation is only a private member’s bill, once in awhile such bills do come to pass with notable consequences. For example, the 2013 changes in New Zealand public holidays, whereby the following Monday is an additional public holiday when Waitangi Day and Anzac Day fall on a weekend, was a private member's bill (2013-04-17, 2011-01-28, 2012-07-25, 2012-07-17, 2013-03-13).

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