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Eswatini Public Holidays July 22-23

Source: Government of Eswatini Ministry of Home Affairs (Mbabane)
Posted: Friday, July 13, 2018

Eswatini's Home Affairs Principal Secretary, Anthony Masilela, has announced that Monday, July 23, 2018, would be a non-working public holiday on account of the upcoming birth anniversary of King Sobhuza II, who was born on July 22, 1899.

As per the aforementioned statement, July 22 is the annual non-working public holiday in Eswatini's calendar, but the Principal Secretary added that "Monday, July 23, will be a public holiday following that the actual holiday falls on a Sunday" and further added that "over the years it had become a norm that holidays that fell on Sundays were then shifted to Monday" and that "We would like to think this is known and that is why weren’t announcing it but we have been receiving a lot of enquiries from different stakeholders, so we will be working towards having it gazetted but I can definitely confirm that Monday, July 23 will be a public holiday", a statement which is not correct in all cases (2010-01-02, 2007-07-20 and 2007-01-04), but which is true in the case of the July 22 annual non-working public holiday in Eswatini.

Note that, earlier this year, Swaziland was renamed as Eswatini (2018-03-15).

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