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Thailand Cancels Mid-Year Bank Holiday

Source: The Bank of Thailand (Bangkok)
Posted: Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Thailand's Central Bank has announced that, beginning in 2019, July 1st would no longer be an annual bank holiday in Thailand.

The statement by the Bank of Thailand explained the aforementioned cancellation of the, July 1st, annual bank holiday of Thailand, as the consequence of advances in technology that no longer require financial institutions to halt operations for a day to calculate annual interest and verify the past year’s transactions, every June 30, until late into the night.

The annual mid-year closing bank holiday of Thailand was the one difference between the list of annual bank holidays of Thailand and the list of non-working public holidays in Thailand, with the Bank of Thailand usually following annual (2017-10-29) and one-off (2017-10-11) government-declared public holidays and changes to their legislation (2006-11-16), with very few exceptions (2009-04-10 and 2007-08-08).

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