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Tonga 2018-2019 Year-End Public Holidays

Source: Tonga Ministry of Information and Communications (Nuku'alofa)
Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2018
Most recent follow-up news item: November 12, 2021

Tonga's Prime Minister's Office has issued a communiqué announcing that the Cabinet of the Government of Tonga had once again declared a 2-week period of additional public sector holidays in Tonga ("The Prime Minister’s Office wishes to inform members of the public of the Christmas Vacation for the Public Service for 2018/2019, as approved by Cabinet on Friday, 2nd November 2018. The Government Christmas Vacation 2018/2019 will be observed from 8:30 am Friday, 21st December, 2018 until 4:30pm Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019").

The aforementioned 2-week period of additional public sector holidays in Tonga, from Friday, December 21, 2018, until Wednesday, January 2, 2019, inclusively, are in addition to the list of 2018 non-working public holidays in Tonga which were previously announced (2018-01-05).

As per the Prime Minister's Office announcement, "The Public Service will resume at 8:30 am Thursday, 3rd January, 2019" but it then goes on to state that "The Christmas Vacation will be followed by the usual Week of Prayer, with the Public Service working hours ending at 4:00 pm".

A similar 2-week period of non-working public sector holidays was declared in past years (2017-10-24, 2016-10-26, 2015-11-04, 2014-12-21 and 2013-11-22).

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