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Ecuador Declares May 1st Public Holiday

Source: Agencia de Noticias del Ecuador y Sudamérica (ANDES)
Posted on Thursday, April 25, 2019

Ecuador's government has declared Wednesday, May 1, 2019, as a half-day additional one-off non-working public holiday in Ecuador, on account of the upcoming Labour Day public holiday of Ecuador.

Just last week (2019-04-21), Ecuador's Ministerio de Turismo had confirmed that the 2019 public holiday in Ecuador for Labour Day would be observed on Friday, May 3, 2019,as per the legislation (2016-12-21) amending the 2003 "Ley Orgánica de Servicio Civil y Carrera Administrativa y de Unificación y Homologación de las Remuneraciones del Sector Público" (2003-12-04), by virtue of which most Ecuadorean public holidays' day off are moved to the nearest weekend.

However , last year (), the recently elected president of Ecuador, already started tampering with the public holidays of Ecuador (2018-11-30, 2018-10-17, 2018-09-27, 2018-08-04, 2018-05-18, 2018-04-26), and its seems that he just could not resist the temptation to tamper with Ecuador's public holidays, once more.

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