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Luxemburg Rules-Out December 6 Public Holiday

Source: Luxemburger Bankenvereinigung (Luxemburg)
Posted: Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Luxemburg's Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, has ruled-out declaring another new annual non-working public holiday in Luxemburg, on December 6 (Saint-Nicolas).

Luxemburg's State Council has validated last January's decision by the Concil of Governement of Luxemburg to declare a new annual public holiday in Luxemburg on May 9, for Europe Day.

A year ago (2018-11-30), during the negotiations in view of forming the then next government of Luxemburg, the idea of declaring 2 new holidays in Luxemburg, one of which was to be May 9, Europe Day, came to the fore.

When Luxemburg's prime minister, Xavier Bettel, presented his government's program for the next five years to parliament, a new annual public holiday in Luxemburg was added on May 9, for Europe Day (2018-12-12).

This past January, Luxemburg's Council of Governement approved the measure (2019-01-11), and finally Luxemburg's State Council also validated it (2019-03-19), just in time for May 9 to be a public holiday in Luxemburg in 2019, thus amending the previously-released (2018-05-14) list of official bank holidays in Luxembourg for the upcoming calendar year 2019.

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