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Argentina Extends 2020 Year-End Public Holidays

Source: Ministerio del Interior (República Argentina)
Posted: Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Most recent follow-up news item: January 12, 2022

Argentina's President, Alberto Fernández, has decreed, in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Argentina (DCTO-2020-1010-APN-PTE), year-end public holidays for Argentina's public sector, on December 24 and 31, 2020, in addition to the previously-announced 2020 official non-working public holidays in Argentina.

The aforementioned decree, signed by the Presidential Chief of Staff, Santiago Andrés Cafiero, states "That Law No. 27,399 grants them the character of irremovable national holidays on December 25 and January 1 of each year. That December 24 and 31 of the current year, the eve of the Christmas and New Year festivities, are working days. That the aforementioned dates traditionally constitute a reason for celebration for all Argentine and foreign families that inhabit our territory. That in view of this, it is considered convenient to grant administrative leave on December 24 and 31 of the current year." thus amending the list of 2020 official public holidays in Argentina announced last autumn (2019-10-17).

This declaration of a series of year-end public sector holidays, was a relatively frequent occurrence (2015-12-22, 2014-12-15, 2013-12-17, 2011-12-16, 2011-12-14, 2010-12-11, 2009-12-22, 2008-12-10 and 2007-12-05) in Argentina, until a few years ago, but started again last year (2019-12-19).

Note that banks and financial markets in Argentina already have the afternoon off on both December 24 and 31, on an annual basis, due to 2 year-end bank holidays of Argentina, and the aforementioned Decree DCTO-2020-1010-APN-PTE specifies in its Article 3 that "Make it clear that this measure does not reach banking institutions and financial entities" ("Aclárase que la presente medida no alcanza a las instituciones bancarias y entidades financieras").

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