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Namibian ECN Rules-Out November 25 Electoral Public Holiday

Source: The Namibian (Windhoek)
Posted: Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Most recent follow-up news item: November 20, 2020

The chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Namibia, Notemba Tjipueja, has announced the ECN had not recommended that Wednesday, November 25, 2020, the date of the upcoming regional council and local authority elections, be declared as a one-off electoral public holiday in Namibia, "because the commission did not feel there was a need to do so".

The ECN chairperson went on to state that "during elections in the past, a Friday was declared a public holiday and people just took it as a long weekend and just decided to travel instead of voting".

Indeed, possibly for that reason, the decision to declare, or not, the date of an election in Namibia as a one-off non-working public holiday in Namibia, has always been confused until the last minute (2019-11-13, 2014-10-17, 2009-11-13, 2009-10-21, and 2009-09-12), most particularly, five years ago (2015-11-24).

The aforementioned declaration of Wednesday, November 25, 2020, as a one-off electoral public holiday in Namibia, had it been declared, would have been in addition to the official list of 2020 public holidays in Namibia, as announced, late last year, by the Namibian Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (2019-11-23).

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