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ACT 2024 Public Holidays Announced

Source: ACT Government Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate (Canberra)
Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Chief Minister's Office of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has released the list of 2024 public holidays in the ACT ("The following public holidays will be observed in the Australian Capital Territory during 2024").

The aforementioned list of the official non-working public holidays to be observed in the Australian Capital Territory during the calendar year 2024, once again replaces the former Family and Community Day public holiday, by the more recent Reconciliation Day ACT public holiday, as was the case in recent years (2021-02-23, 2019-12-07, 2018-12-07 and 2017-12-09).

The Family and Community Day ACT public holiday had been declared by the Stanhope Labor Government after the traditional Union Picnic Day was axed by the federal government's WorkChoices laws (2007-07-30 and 2007-04-05).

The "The Holidays (Family and Community Day) Amendment Bill 2009" later changed the date of the Family and Community Day public holiday to the first week of the September/October school holiday (2009-10-16, 2009-08-31).

The "Reconciliation Day" ACT public holiday, was declared to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum whose result led to amendments to the Australian constitution to include Aboriginal people in the census and make them subject to Commonwealth law (2017-09-13, 2017-08-17, 2016-08-28 and 2016-06-08).

The aforementioned list of 2024 public holidays in the ACT also confirms the declaration of Easter Sunday an official public holiday in the ACT (2015-10-31).

The list of 2024 ACT public holidays contains the now usual footnote; "The Holidays Act 1958 also provides for bank holidays in the ACT. In addition to the above public holidays, there is a bank holiday on the first Monday in August.", while specifying that "Bank holidays do not apply to everyone. Employers and employees are advised to check the Holidays Act 1958 for all bank holidays and refer to their relevant Enterprise Agreement or Award".

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