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Assam 2022 Public Holidays Announced

Source: Government of Assam (Dispur)
Posted: Saturday, October 30, 2021
Most recent follow-up news item: June 6, 2022

The Government of India's state of Assam has announced its annual list of the days which will be non-working public holidays in India's state of Assam for the upcoming calendar year 2022 ("The Governor of Assam is pleased to declare that the offices under the Government of Assam and all Revenue and Magisterial Courts in Assam will remain closed on the following days during the year 2022.").

The aforementioned annual (2020-12-18 and 2019-12-01) notification of the list of 2022 public holidays in India's state of Assam are contained in the Government Notification No.GAG(A).81/2016/749.

To the aforementioned main list of government holidays in 2022 in Assam, the Government Notification No.GAG(A).81/2016/749 adds:

• A list of 2 half-day public holidays on August 9 and October 9, 2022.

• All second and fourth Saturdays of the month.

• A bank holiday on April 1st.

• A list of restricted holidays from which each employee is allowed to select 2 holidays.

The main list of Assam State government holidays in 2022 once again includes Bhatri Dwitiya, which had been a bone of contention with the Gorkhas community of Assam, last year (2020-12-17).

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