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Assam Moves Id-Ul Zuha 2022 Public Holiday

Source: Government of Assam (Dispur)
Posted: Thursday, December 30, 2021
Most recent follow-up news item: June 6, 2022

The Government of India's state of Assam has issued the Government Order No.GAG(B). 81/2016/801 moving the date of 3 restricted holidays and 1 general public holiday in 2022 ("Notification- Corrigendum Regarding Holiday List Year 2022 Dtd 30-12-2021").

The Government Order No.GAG(B). 81/2016/801 reads as follows, "In the list of holidays for the State of Assam, notified vide this department's Notification No.GAG(A).81/2016/749, dated 28th October 2021, please read the dates of holidays as follows.".

The 4 holidays whose date is modified by the Government Order No.GAG(B). 81/2016/801 are:

• The death anniversary of Bishnu Prasad Rabha on June 22, 2022.
• Hul Divas on June 30, 2022.
• Id-Ul-Zuha on July 10, 2022.
• The birthday of Nepali Poet Bhanu Bhakta Acharya on July 13, 2022.

The aforementioned moving of the of the Id-Ul Zuha 2022 general public holiday as well as 3 restricted holidays, further amends (2021-12-07 and 2021-12-04) the list of 2022 Assam public holidays as released in the Government Notification No.GAG(A).81/2016/749 (2021-10-30).

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