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Hungary Mulls June 19 Public Holiday

Source: Kormányzat Nemzetgazdasági Minisztérium (Budapest)
Posted: Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A member of the board of trustees of the pro-government Civic Union Forum (CÖF), Tamás Fricz, has called for the declaration of June 19 as a new annual public holiday in Hungary, to commemorate the withdrawal of the last Soviet troops from Hungary in 1991.

It is doubtful that such a declaration of a new June 19 public holiday would come in time to amend the the list of 2021 Hungarian public holidays, as announced by the Government of Hungary, upon the recommendation of the Hungarian National Economy Minister, and gazetted in the Hungarian Gazette No. 14 of 2020 (V. 13), last year (2020-05-13).

In any event, such requests for new public holidays, by coalition partners, never usually amount to anything (2020-12-18, 2019-05-05 and 2017-05-08).

The last time that a new annual public holiday was added to the list of Hungarian public holidays was in 2017, when Hungary's Parliament approved, by a margin of 163 to 34, with 2 abstentions, the ruling Fidesz Alliance bill to make Good Friday a new annual non-working public holiday in Hungary, beginning on April 14, 2017 (2017-03-07, 2017-01-08 and 2016-10-16).

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