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Malawi Adds Public Holidays On December 27-28 and January 3

Source: Government of the Republic of Malawi (Lilongwe)
Posted: Monday, December 20, 2021

Malawi's Secretary to the Ministry of Local Government, James Chiusiwa, has announced that "this year's Christmas and Boxing Holidays will be observed on Monday, 27th December and Tuesday, 28th December respectively whereas the New Year holiday will be observed on Monday, 3rd January".

The aforementioned announcement of public holidays on December 27, 28, 2021, and January 3, 2022, is in line with the previously-announced list of Malawi public holidays for 2021 (2020-12-28) and 2022 (2021-12-12).

Note that Malawi's public sector benefits from extended public holidays for Christmas and the New Year (2021-12-06, 2019-12-05, 2018-12-12 and 2017-12-01), most years.

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