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Mozambique 2021 Public Holidays Announced

Source: Agencia de Informção de Moçambique (Maputo)
Posted: Friday, January 8, 2021

Mozambique's government has released the list of 2021 public holidays in Mozambique.

In addition to the aforementioned list of 2021 public holidays in Mozambique, the declaration of one-off non-working public holidays is a relatively common feature of Mozambique's official public holidays calendar (2020-12-29, 2020-12-22, 2020-04-09, 2019-10-01, 2019-09-03, 2019-08-09, 2019-08-07, 2019-04-18, 2018-10-09, 2018-06-14, ...).

Mozambique's Labour Code gives the Minister of Labour the authority to declare one-off public holidays in Mozambique, and in fact mandates them for Mozambique public holidays falling on a Sunday ("segundo a Lei do Trabalho, sempre que a data coincide com domingo, a suspensão das actividades laborais passa para o dia seguinte").

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