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Saint Helena 2022 Public Holidays Announced

Source: St Helena Government (Jamestown)
Posted: Wednesday, November 3, 2021

The Chief Secretary to the Government of Saint Helena, Susan O'Bey, has released its list of official non-working public holidays in Saint Helena, for the calendar year 2022 ("The following are the Public and Government Holidays in 2022. On these days Government Offices will be closed").

The aforementioned list of 2022 public holidays in Saint Helena, includes the Friday, June 3, 2022, one-off public holiday in Saint Helena, to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, as announced yesterday by the Governor of Saint Helena, Philip Rushbrook, in the extraordinary gazette EX GAZ 121 (2021-11-02).

Thoday's public holidays announcement also contains the footnote "Tuesday, 27th December 2022 will be observed as a Public Holiday in accordance with section 2(2) of the Public Holidays Ordinance, 1945 which states that when Christmas Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following Tuesday is to be observed as a public holiday.".

As usual (2020-09-01, 2019-09-24, 2019-01-10, 2018-01-03, 2017-01-16, 2016-01-04, and 2014-11-30), the list of official non-working public holidays in Saint Helena, is not exactly the same in the island of Tristan da Cunha.

Tristan da Cunha observes the Queen's Birthday public holiday under a slightly different name and earlier in the year than does Saint Helena and Ascension Island (2021-02-22, 2018-03-10, 2010-04-08, 2009-03-27, 2008-03-24 and 2007-03-31).

Additionally, Tristan da Cunha observes its very own Ratting Day annual public holiday (2021-04-08, 2020-04-25, 2019-05-24, 2018-06-02, 2017-05-26, 2016-04-29, 2015-05-15, 2014-05-02, 2013-05-02, 2011-05-26, 2010-05-21, 2009-06-03, 2008-06-05, 2007-06-18, and 2006-05-11).

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