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Chile May 2 Public Holiday Legislation Falls Through

Source: Tramitación de proyectos (Congreso Nacional de Chile)
Posted: Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Chilean Congressman Héctor Barría has announced that the bill to declare Monday, May 2, 2022, a one-off public holiday in Chile, would not be approved in time for May 2nd, due to the upcoming legislative recess when legislators return to their circumscriptions ("dando cuenta que la semana que viene es distrital, no hay trabajo legislativo y por ende el proyecto no alcanzará a ser discutido en la Cámara").

Earlier this week, we had reported that the Chilean Congressman Héctor Barría had introduced a bill to declare a public holiday on Monday, May 2, 2022, to compensate the fact that the 2022 Labor Day public holiday of Chile falls on a Sunday (2022-04-18), thus amending the list of previously-announced Chilean 2022 public holidays (2020-10-31).

The aforementioned bill also aimed to amend the labor code of Chile and to "declare a holiday on Friday, April 30 or Monday, May 2, each time May 1 coincides with a Saturday or Sunday, respectively".

But, now that the bill will not pass in time to have any effect for 2022, it would not either affect the list of 2023-2024 public holidays announced jointly by Chile's Ministro Secretario General de Gobierno and Chile's Ministerio del Trabajo y Previsión Social, late last year (2021-12-04).

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