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Montserrat Declares Additional June 2 Public Holiday

Source: Government of Montserrat (Brades)
Posted: Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The Acting Governor of Montserrat, Lyndell Simpson, upon the advice of Cabinet, has signed another proclamation, the proclamation SRO-No.-15-of-2022 declaring this time Thursday, June 2, 2022, as another public holiday throughout Montserrat.

The proclamation SRO-No.-15-of-2022, entitled Proclamation Appointing Thursday 2 June 2022 a Public Holiday follows on the heels of yesterday's proclamation SRO-No.-14-of-2022 declaring Friday, June 3, 2022, as a public holiday throughout Montserrat (2022-03-21).

Today's proclamation begins with the preamble, "Whereas under section 5(b) of the Public Holidays Act, (Cap. 6.09), it shall be lawful for the Governor with the advice of the Cabinet to issue a proclamation when it is made to appear to him in any special case that in any year it is inexpedient that a day by this Act appointed a public holiday should be a public holiday, declaring that such day shall not in such year be a public holiday, and whereas appointing such other day as to him may seem fit to be a public holiday, instead of such day, and thereupon the day so appointed shall in such year be substituted for the day originally appointed by this Act, and whereas any day or part of a day so appointed shall be kept as a close holiday in all banks, shops, stores and public offices in Montserrat and shall, as regards bills of exchange and promissory notes, be deemed to be a public holiday", a preamble which is longer than that of yesterday's SRO-No.-14-of-2022, though both proclamations do the same, one day apart.

Proclamation SRO-No.-15-of-2022 then comes to its crux, "now therefore, I, Lyndell Simpson, Acting Governor, acting with the advice of Cabinet, appoint Thursday 2 June 2022 a public holiday throughout Montserrat for the purpose of celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Her Majesty.", adding for good measure, as was done in yesterday's proclamation as well, "all Her Majesty's Officers and loving subjects in Montserrat and all those whom it may concern are required to take due notice and conduct themselves accordingly.".

The aforementioned proclamation of Thursday 2 June 2022, as a public holiday in Montserrat, departs from the consolidated version of the "Public Holidays Act, Revised Edition, showing the law as at 1 January 2002, CHAPTER 6.09" which consolidated the amendments of 1956, 1959, 1971, and 1999 (1999-12-10) into the initial Act 19 of 1954, S.R.O. 15/1956, as later amended by the "Montserrat Public Holidays (Amendment) Act, 2017 No. 3 of 2017" (2017-05-24).

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