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Panama Bill To Declare December 20 National Mourning Day Public Holiday

Source: Presidencia de la República de Panamá (Panama City)
Posted: Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Most recent follow-up news item: March 31, 2022

The plenary session of the National Assembly of Panama has approved, in its third reading, the House Bill 157 which would declare December 20 as National Mourning Day, a new annual public holiday.

The aforementioned Bill 157, presented by by deputies Héctor Brands, Crispiano Adames and Bernardino González, is meant to "adopt national awareness measures about December 20, 1989" when the United States invaded Panama to capture the then president Manuel Antonio Noriega.

If the bill passes in its current form, then on December 20, flags will fly at half-mast, the day will be a dry day, and it will be a mandatory public holiday which cannot be moved ("sin posibilidad de día puente por la importancia que amerita"), and amend the list of 2022 public holidays in Panama as announced earlier this year (2022-01-03).

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