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aeiou-Holidays Lists

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Property of the ScriptLine : International.


These 5 properties (a-Holidays, e-Holidays, i-Holidays, o-Holidays and u-Holidays) all behave the same way. The difference in the prefixed vowel refers to different holidays tokens. To edit this property, select it and then click on the ellipsis button.


The property editor then appears showing the current selection of Holidays Sets.



Use the ADD and REMOVE buttons to modify the selection of Holidays Sets. You can also use drag and drop with your mouse. Use the UP and DOWN arrows to change the order of the selected Holidays Sets.


The order in which the selected Holidays Sets appear is important. For example, if you have selected 2 Holidays Sets with both a holiday on a given date, then the holidays' order (as used by the [Fa], [Fa1], [Fa11] tokens) will follow the order in which they have been selected.


You can override the selection of Holidays Sets used for each of the a-e-i-o-u holidays, for each DiaryGridLine. This is useful if you are using 2 or more GridTemplates within the same Script, and a different Holidays List was referred to in each GridTemplate. For example one grid may use an [fa] token and the other an [fo] token, both meant to point to the same Holidays List.


You can define default values to be used for this property whenever creating a new script, by setting the International Preferences accordingly.


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